It’s 4:08am!!🤯🤯

Well let’s start out with I heard my kids tv in at about 330am… I used my phone to turn it off thinking that maybe it came on by it’s self again… 3 minutes later it’s back on… I get up and go in there and tell they boys it’s to early and to go back to sleep. I took the remote and put it on the fridge. They started yelling and being crazy. I’m ignoring them because it’s fucking 4:10am. My eyes opened so I had to go number 2.. 20 minutes later I’m back in my bed. Laying next to my husband. Kids are back to sleep. Let’s pray I can fall back asleep or todays not gonna be very good! 😭

I wasn’t able to fall back asleep until around 530am… My alarms start going off at 630, then 645, then 7. I ignored all of the alarms today, I was supposed to give Jesse a shower before school, that didn’t happen this morning, he’s on his first field trip ever… Im a nervous wreck for some reason, just worries me with him being away with 20 other children and 4 adults watching them.. I finally crawed out of bed at 7:10. My husband had Jesse dressed and ready for school already, thankfully my younger two were still sleeping, I was hoping they would stay asleep a while longer so I could crawl back under my covers.. I get Jesse on the bus and jasper my 2 year old wakes up, he’s pretty easy in the morning, change his but fill up his cup and turn on cocomellon until his cinnamon rolls are done, I spent the entire morning on the phone finding the boys a new doctors office, I finally found one in Mineola, im so over har far everything Is in Texas… I got the younger two an appointment scheduled for next week.. Joel finally woke up around 930 or so, I was so salty that jasper didn’t sleep in as long as he did but it is what it is, I got Joel in to big boy undies and made him some eggs and bacon because that is his favourite. I started cleaning the house. Dishes, cleaning counters, sweeping, and half ass mopping.. My internet was being funky this morning so the boys decided they wanted to go swimming in the bath tub, they played in the tub for about a hour. I got them out and dressed then it was back to being crazy. Joel is in this stage where all he wants to watch is stupid YouTube videos, he drives me nuts.. I made them hot dogs and chips for lunch, now it is 1:30 pm and the boys are having nap time, jasper is asleep but Joel never actually takes a nap, he is enjoying his alone time being that dad was home the last two days and Jesse will be home this weekend.. I am enjoying the little bit of alone time I get during nap time, I restarted army wives, might get a little nap, who knows.. Remember to always stay positive, being a stay at home mom is difficult, but it is so worth it,

They younger two kids have actually been really good today jasper napped and Joel’s been playing and watching tv. I’ve started a meat loaf and am waiting for Jesse to get off the bus. He had his first field trip today I’m excited to see how his day was.

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