Today I was woke up by my two year old with “mom I’m stinky ewww” it was about 630am… I responded with 5 more minutes as usual. He then took his diaper off and ran around naked for 10 minutes. Luckily there was no poop. 😂 by this time is about 6:45 time to get up and get my oldest son ready for school. I grab his outfit and tell him to get dressed and head for my morning smoke and bathroom break, if you’ve had children then you know pooping can be difficult.

I get My son on the bus at 730 and go back in the house and make the younger two boys breakfast. We tried waffle crunch and milk today. It didn’t go as well as we hoped. The boys had a doctors appointment for a physical and shots. We went to the doctor and the office tells me they don’t have the shot records from the previous doctor. I’m dumb founded now… how have my children been seen here like 5 times and they don’t have the shot records. They made us reschedule for until tomorrow, at this point my middle boy is screaming because he wanted to see the doctor he’s odd. We decided to go and sit down at McDonald’s. We had chicken nuggets. Go figure. We came home and fought with the boys to have nap time. Everyone knows how that goes. They wanna come hug the cat and the stove anything to stay out of bed.

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